Saturday, April 3, 2021

Final Prep

 Last day. Bill and I are quietly enjoying the time together. We packed the bike this morning. I'm pretty impressed wih how it all fit, with a bit of room to spare in most bags. 

I made him ginger cookies. His request for the train.

We'll be heading out before noon tomorrow, Easter Sunday, and stopping for a nice lunch before he catches the train from Albuqurque to Los Angeles overnight and then Los Angeles to Seattle for another 10 hours.

I think we're both a bit spacey now that the time has finally come. Everything has gone so smoothly. Friends have helped in so many ways. The generosity has been very heartwarming. He can leave knowing the love of a whole village comes with him.

After spending three days this week following the trail online and posting more than two hundred links to trails and google maps to our shared Google Doc, to guide his days, I finally awoke this morning with excitement for him instead of free floating anxiety. 

I will be so blessed too and enjoying a bit of fun myself Sunday. After I drop him at the station, I'm going to a Frida exhibit at the Albuquerque museum. An event I've been looking forward to for almost a year. Then I'll stay overnight and do some shopping before picking up flour from the mill Monday on the way home. To a strangly empty home.

And the adventure begins.

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  1. And the adventure begins... Exciting and scary words. This will be an adventure for you, too. Good luck and all my best wishes to you both. I'll keep you and Bill in my prayers.


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