Monday, May 3, 2021


Haru's beautiful song, "Home'...

Now going home

Where buffalo don’t roam

There might be a gnome


...had to do it….one of my infamous poetic pieces which Kimberly doesn’t

seem too delighted with.  Headed to Denver tomorrow and I’ll be in ABQ

Wed pm.  This venture feels as if it only is phase 1 of what will transpire in

the remains of the year, 2021.  A quote I’ve read many times; “nothing is

as it seems” - fits current events playing out in my life, so more is on the


Kimberly and I are taking the camper out to Faywood later this month,

before the market begins, to have a whole week in the hot tubs out there

- luv that place.  

Much internal healing has taken place since I’ve been in Casper - sure there

is more to pop OUT!  My senses feel very much on the surface. I’ve been

listening to Haru’s song, ‘Home’ (above) all afternoon over & over - she put

this out years ago but now I really feel the energy and rhythms of her voice

in this song!  Amazing & tearful!  

The universe seems to have me on a unique spiral I never imagined...feels

good and freeing.  Part of me appreciates the ‘unknown’ - which I find exciting,

& inspiring.  I’ll ride the wave, the 21st century is going to be ‘blowing minds.’

History cannot repeat itself as usual.  

Anyway, on my way home, where buffalo don’t roam….Namaste….Bill 

Friday, April 30, 2021

Kimberly here

Kimberly here. I suppose we should tell you what the last couple of days have been like. Yesterday I woke up to pouring rains. And as June recently alluded to, rain in a mobile home has the effect of being sheltered somewhere midway between a brick townhome and a pup tent. With metal walls and roof, closer to the pup tent in bad weather. The night before I’d awoken to winds so high I was making mental note for the umpteenth time how grateful I was that Bill was safely in a hotel room in Casper, WY. At this point, my mind wandered to how we were going to get the man home. When he was ready, of course.


Not wanting to influence in any way the meditative needs of my wandering husband, I set out to discover the various choices we’d have, at some point. I’d offered to drive up the 12 hours on Interstate 25 to pick him up but kept going over and over in my mind just where I would leave our dog Oliver, who recently - perhaps because of master-missing-stress has been particularly barky. I’d had fun thoughts of just him jumping in the car with me and us being off on a joy ride only to remember how after about an hour he becomes a bit nervous and then starts pacing amongst the front to back seat. It’s not like in the movies folks.


And just so you needn’t think Oliver holds all the blame for me not wanting to drive, everyone who knows me very well, knows that I have a very particular aversion to driving long distances. I have done it, but not happily. Four days on the road and it not being any sort of vacation sounded a bit like hell, even if my long-lost husband would be with me half the time. So by now in my imaginings, it being 4:30 am or so, I popped out of bed to explore other options. 


Now just to bring you up to speed, as I’ve seen that not too many of you had viewed the blog post that mentions the x-ray taken at the chiropractor’s office in Billings, MT, of the disturbing disintegrating back discs and the prognosis of too-swollen-for-biking-across-the-country-let-alone-walk-across-the-room swollen nerves around said vertebrae.  Nerves that had been agitated by the uphill bike pushing of the first days of heading out of Seattle into mentally challenging snow-covered mountains. You can catch up on that event here. So the ability to continue on, even to the fairly flat Cowboy trail had been decidedly unwise from exiting the doctor’s office, but you know, these things take a while to digest. He had acquired a cane at least. 


So back to yesterday, as I early morning surfed the internet, I saw his travel options luckily were somewhat equally cost-effective to me driving up. Planes, buses and cars each having their own extending costs. But at least there were options. About 7 am or so I saw that Bill was on Facebook and called him. Turns out he’d had a very rough night and actually felt sick, achy, headachy A ‘head cold’ he said. Oh my. Trying to be casual about my desire to have him come home immediately - of course, only he would determine the end date of this adventure - I gave him the options I’d discovered and as I did, he seemed more and more open to letting the date move from end-of-month to an unspoken ASAP. His head cold was probably talking but timing is everything. Soon we had arrived at him setting off for home Tuesday of next week. After a bus layover in Denver (final nice hotel stay included),  Bill will pull into ABQ, his bike in one more box, on Wednesday night, all things working well. 

I did call him this morning only to find him out on a walk, so that’s a good thing. Cane accompanied but head cold better and leg feeling better too. I asked him again if coming home still felt good. He assured me he’d ‘emptied the tank’, whatever that means, perhaps only he will ever know.

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Trailblazing, kinda.


                                                                    video - Platte River Trails - Home 

Trailblazing, kinda.  Sunny, 60 degrees, no wind, headed out on the Platt river trail,

all very well maintained.  Interesting to have such nice trails in cowboy country without

being able to have horses on it. Good.  People were out and about and it was a treat to get some sun & fresh air.  My bod is still aching quite a bit, especially my left leg.  This lesson - setback - is

really got me puzzled.  I’m realizing I have not turned on a tv set or seen any tv news for

almost 4 weeks.  I don’t even think about wanting to, and we used to watch the news regularly. 

My whole world is somewhat in twists & turns.  

Biking is losing its fizz, especially at this juncture with aches and pains.  Getting some bodywork done and it helps my energy, but some other major energies are peculating within my system.  The giant full moon has much to do with it I’m sure, plus I heard there are tremendous solar winds affecting the planet.  I’ve been sensitive to these aspects for years, but now it has a drastic effect. Plus, it is like I’m in a time warp - I left T or C years ago, seemingly!  

I just re-enlisted for another week at this motel.  Feel like I get personal service here at times.  Everyone is curious about my bike, yet I’m not riding it much.  Journaling, writing blogs, listening to healing music, meditation, etc makes up my day so far. 

Kinda enjoy that!


Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Friends are People

People are friends.   It just dawns on me that all my friends and acquaintances, I have never had a social alcoholic drink with.  This is phenomenal. It is something of a miracle that I have NOT had some form of cocktail for almost 40 years.  As a self-proclaimed introvert, I thought I needed a stimulus to be more sociable & likable.  In a previous lifetime, I owned and operated my own beer keg-meister for hosting my beer-drinking buddies. Everybody I knew - coworkers, neighbors, relatives - all drank beer and were offered one immediately when entering the house.  

The friends I have today have never seen me with the ‘beverage’ and I feel so blessed to have these people in my life.  This experience I am having now, and have been preparing for the last 3 years, has truly shown me friendship like I’ve never before experienced.  People have been exceedingly generous with support. Spiritually, energetically, financially, and lovingly.  Feeling verklempt has almost become a common occurrence for me lately.   

When I took my bike into the local bike shop at home, the gal said she was praying for me.  

As I was pushing my loaded bicycle up this huge hill in Washington state, this guy stopped to offer to haul me up to the top.  Yes, yes, I replied gratefully. Dan and I talked for half an hour and he wanted to know about

our blog.  Never can I recall doing anything like that.  

Sitting outside a convenience store, this gal inquires of my status and we chat for a while. She also wants to follow our blog.  This is way out of my realm of past experiences.  

Being raised on a small dairy farm in MN and going to a one-room country school of 8 grades, with one teacher and I being the only student in my grade for 8 years, being social was not a familiar trait I learned or felt.  

After entering AA at age forty I experienced a whole new way of life, and how to socialize without the ‘beverage’.  I am feeling and sensing a deeper connection with people where ever I go now.  My feelings are at the very surface of my beingness.  I sob at the slightest sensitivity or emotion nowadays.  Someone sent me the song title of Alan Jackson’s song ‘The Older I Get’, a few days ago, I sobbed deeply over the implications of the song.  

(2) Alan Jackson - The Older I Get - YouTube 

It has taken me 80 years of life to begin to understand that humanity is loving and caring and generous regardless of my background or status.  

I find myself so far out of the box now, I don’t even know where the box is anymore.  Regardless of viewpoints or societal norms, I am finding a deeper honesty & friendship in our small community of T or C than I ever have.  This experience that I am currently in, has highlighted a genuine feeling & sincerity of what life is really about.  This was never taught me in my younger years- Germans were Germans - Catholics were Catholics - and that’s life!


All this baggage seems to be surfacing while in my solitary confinement.  Life is changing very fast these days.  I am finding this extremely exciting because it feels like consciousness is increasing among humanity.  My solo journeying provides reflection time, meditation & much changing!!!

Monday, April 26, 2021

The Hotel


Cowboy (rough) country -- the hotel manager, Liz, was telling me that because

the motel is right off the freeway it was used as a stopping off joint for

trafficking - drugs, parties, prostitution, etc.  Now, no locals with a Casper

address are allowed to rent a room. You must show an ID that is from out

of state. There seem to be many motel/hotels in this town. Hmmm.

My room is outside the manager’s office so we are on a first-name basis

around here.  Always asked if I need anything.  This morning was the first

open breakfast since the pandemic last year.  I have waffles, yogurt, bagels,

cereal, fruit, etc - so things are looking up now. Nice to have food. Anything

other than just coffee.  

Had a couple oriental massage/bodywork sessions and my back sounded

like rice krispies “snap, crackle, pop”.  Orientals don’t seem to value pain

as a limiting factor for treatment - at least not from my experience in the past. 

A little relief in piriformis, quads and hamstring, but still have pain walking,

not bicycling.  

Surprisingly, as I am reading my journal, I’m realizing how what I wrote

3 years ago is fitting for my current situation, as if I wrote it for this time. 

Space/time is definitely on a warp speed mode because it does not make

any sense anymore - I left the Seattle train station eons ago - no reality at

all of time for me!!  Some days I can't recall what I did in the morning unless

I think about it - what did I do?  

Anyway, processing my ‘innerts’ and staring at the ceiling is becoming quite

the pastime!!  Chakra music is very soothing & helpful during the evenings.

I can run a few hours on some of the youtube videos.


Saturday, April 24, 2021


Bike - bod - cane.     We have become one...We now go everywhere together.   Life has a whole different perspective from this vantage point!  My egoic self was planning on going east; the Universe(?) proposed a right-hand turn to go south, literally, which I did (under protest).  I am in cowboy country - where I least expected to spend time pondering LIFE - my life, but here I am.  

A needed chore accomplished yesterday - laundry.  Been 3 weeks so far as of today.  Feels good to have on a new clean shell.  

So I awoke this morning, discussing with somebody/something/somewhere, my lack of understanding of why I don’t know more than a butterfly - why I don’t know more than my dog - why I don’t know more than an amoeba?????  Should I care, be concerned, inquire with the Universe about my predicament?  I don’t even know the direction I’m supposed to go, why I’m in Casper, for how long, to do/be what?  

I’ve been on the planet 80 years and now I’m only inquiring about these pertinent questions?!!   What is essential for my remaining years in this Bill Schiller body?  Why don’t I know “jack shit’?  A butterfly knows more than I do.  My dog has more common sense than I do.  

Am I now only coming to an epiphany about my true SELF and why I really exist?  

I’ve frequently stated that I did not want a life here on earth to just ‘work’, do ‘chores’, get sick & die.  I’ll stay “home” next time.  As Paul Harvey used to say - and now, the rest of the story - which always seemed to be very interesting. 

Is LIFE just beginning for us - humanity - to become more aware of the real potential of our spirit/soul?  Something is brewing underneath the hood.  (it ain’t beer).  Anyway, all this is percolating today and so it is!!!    Namaste. 

Thursday, April 22, 2021

Bike out of the Box in Casper, WY


Hooray -- got it back together again - nothing broken, which I was surprised about, as it was banged around on the bus rides - upside down & thrown in every which way. 

I'll take it out tomorrow and see how the bod & bike work together.   I'm going to need a cane holder also. 

I'm in Casper now for a one or two-month stint.. Paying attention to what my spirit/soul has to say about this detour. 


Haru's beautiful song, "Home'... Now going home Where buffalo don’t roam There might be a gnome …..shalom!! ...had to do it….on...